I contacted Kat after I saw her here on ter and read her amazing reviews. Easy verification with my previous references. We planned on overnight visit with activities to fill our day and night. I told her to dress casual with sandals. She came to my hotel on time and with open communication right to when I met her by elevators. She was dressed down with nice shirt and shorts and sandals. She much better looking in person her pictures don't do her justice. She greeted me with a great dfk and hug. We went up to the room to drop her stuff and head out for our day. Her personality is so easy going and friendly. True girlfriend experience and fun person to be with. We went to the gun garage first and she had me laughing whole time. Little mishap at the range ask her about it great story. Afterwards we went gambling and dinner, topping it off with a show. Then back room for alone time! In private she is very sexual. We started a massage that lead to her going down on me for a bbbj to completion. Her skills as in her prior reviews were right on! So it was only fair I returned the favor with daty and finger play. She gets very wet and is very orgasmic. We fell asleep in each other's arms. In morning she woke up with another of her famous bbbjs. I went down on her for breakfast. Then we actually ordered breakfast. All in all amazing experience, wil repeat. Highly recommend my new Vegas ATF.

I have seen Kat before (4 times) and there are several reasons you should do the same. I contacted her a few weeks prior to my trip to Las Vegas and she of course responded in a very timely manner! Setup was a breeze but, please make sure she can verify you so, you can have one hell of a date. This time I wouldn't tell her where I was staying until the day of our date. Trust me she was surprised. We decided to meet at 5pm and as we meet again she gave me a nice DFK!! Lets not forget the nice package grab!! Then off to the......The suite we go!!
We started watching a bit of football in the living room but, that didn't last long as we moved to the bedroom for a bit of fun. Trust me by this time I was hard as rock and ready for a nice blowjob. Kat didn't disappoint as she worked me like a champ and about 10 minutes later pop 1 was going down her throat. We stayed around the suite a little bit longer and then we made our way down to the strip and stopped in the Flamingo for a bit and did some gambling. We were making our way to the Tilted Kilt at the Linq for some yummy dinner. Kat loves to get out of the room on long dates and have FUN!! We decided to go to the Bourbon Room and it was fun there. They play 80's music and have VERY strong drinks. Trust me the whole time your hanging out you can't wait to go back and have some FUCKING fun :) We hung out there for about an hour and made our way back to the suite. We stopped along the way and played some craps at different properties. Having fun in Vegas and especially with Kat is fun trust me. We did stop at CVS to get a few items as well. We made it back to the elevator and I gave her a nice DFK and I knew what was going to happen.
We are now back in the suite and we both undress each other and go right to the hot tub and don't forget about the bubbles I put in there. After about 30 min we get out of the hot tub and go over to the bed. I start to finger her pussy and she is now playing with my hard cock. Just for fun I have porn playing on the computer in the background. She starts to suck me again and almost gets me off. I tell her to wrap me up and she does and the I fucked her until SHE came. Then we did some doggy style and I told her I wanted her to swallow me again. She took off the condom and sucked me dry again!! We were a bit tired after that but, that was ok. We laid in bed and talked for about two hours and then we both fell asleep. Waking up to someone who is fun to be around is a huge plus. We got up around 10 am and played some more. This time she jerked me off until I shot a load everywhere and 3 pops for me was GREAT!! After, that we went and had some brunch and came back and had a nice DFK and a bit of fooling around again. If you want a REAL person who aims to please go and see Kat. She can carry on a conversation and does care about you if you come into her life. Trust me there is a reason I go back time after time.

Go see her now or the next time your in Vegas!! GO GO GO!!


Seen Kat a couple of years ago. Went t Vegas for the 2 WSOP senior events. Thought a good massage with extras would be just what I need to relax. Called Kat and she arrived on time. Sweet girl with great service-highly recommend-a true Vegas bargain. Kat arrived on time-had to meet her down stairs and bring her up to the room. She started dfk as soon as we were in the room. She then suggested we get more comfortable. We started more dark which led to an outstanding bbbj. After about 10 minutes she asked if I was ready to fuck. On went the cover followed by Kat for a spirited ride. Switched to doggie-her favorite-with lots of moaning. I almost lost it but wanted to com so I stopped and went back to bbbj and popped in her mouth and she kept going till she got every drop. We talked about poker after she got a towel to clean me up. Gave me a good long massage. I am usually a one and done but she would not be denied with another bbbjnqns. Talked a bit and she was off. She checked in with me later to to see how I was doing in tournaments and when i made a deep run she came by to watch for a short while and wish me luck. A real sweetheart.

Was headed out to Vegas for a conference and wanted to pre-book something for the day I landed because I knew the rest of the week was going to be busy. Reached out to Kat via email and she promptly responded and we traded a few emails and set something up for the afternoon. Kept in touch via text and email on the day of and asked if we could move to later because I had some conference errands to run. Kat is very easy to deal with and a pleasure to spend time with. I would highly recommend to Non-VIPs but VIPs read on for the other details. I was meeting with some coworkers and was texting Kat keeping her in the loop on my eta back to my hotel. She actually arrived early and went to the casino to wait for me while I hurried back. Eventually met her by one of the bars and we went upstairs to my room. Talked in the elevator to start getting to know one another and she is such an easy person to talk to. Very smart and knowledgeable of many subjects. We get to the room and she gives me nice little hug and lfk. We continue talking while we move toward the bedroom area and get comfortable. Not rushed at all but we both wanted to be more comfortable and hop into bed. We continue lfk into dfk with roaming hands. 
She begins going down on me and takes me in for a superb bbbj. Lots of attention to the boys and just works you over nice and slow and builds it up as you get closer. Knowing she offers multiples I let her keep going and take me all the way to a great CIM. She gets up and cleans up and brings me a warm cloth to clean me up. Back to cuddling and I work my down on her and go down for daty on her sweet great tasting pussy. I use some fingers while licking her pussy and bring her to an eventual o. 
Another break where we talk about her playing poker and her trip to the World Series. We begin kissing again which leads to her her going down again and giving me more of her great head. I was thinking of stopping her but we still had plenty of time so i let her take me all the way into her mouth again. More clean up and then we take a break to get a snack downstairs. Upon returning to the room we fall back into bed where she gets me ready and mounts me for a great session of CG. I'm usually a mish guy but she felt so good I let her ride me home until we both pop closely together. 

Overall she is awesome provider, very accommodating and a supreme pleasure. I will hopefully get a chance to see her again if I can get back out there in the near future.

I have seen Kat a few times and have always wanted more. This time we scheduled an overnight stay. She came over early and we meet like lovers with a kiss at the door. On the way to dinner she was on my arm making me feel like a million bucks. Kat really is the sweetest girl. Her personality and smile made me feel so special having all her attention on me even though everyone there wanted her. After dinner we went to a fight then hung out in the casino for a bit and it was clear she wanted to go back to the hotel to cap off our date. Spending time with her outside of the bedroom is just as exciting as it is in the bedroom and that is saying a lot. I can't wait to get back to Vegas and plan our next night out. 

Kat is stunning. You can see something in her eyes when she smiles that is just intoxicating. Getting back to the hotel she excused herself to the bathroom to change into her lingerie coming out ready to jump on me. We started kissing as my clothes came off and she laid me down to kiss down my body and take me straight in her mouth. Her bbbj skills are amazing. It would be easy to finish there, but I wanted to get on top and give her all I could. The condom went on and I entered her wet warm pussy as she moaned encouraging my every move. We tried a couple positions, I think doggy while playing with her clit is her favorite, then my orgasm hit hard as I filled the condom and collapsed completely satisfied. She went to the bathroom to clean up and came back with a towel to clean me then we cuddled up with little kisses till we fell asleep. The only disappointment is when she left in the morning. Kat is the best provider I have ever known.

Kat was very easy to get a hold of and is very business-like in her replies. Let's just say that at every junction, Kat did not disappoint. I emailed over confirmation of who I am and she was quick to respond. We set up an appointment for the next day at her incall location. The pics were very accurate and Kat is awesome. Her willingness to please makes her one of the best values I have ever had. VIPs read on....
When I got to the incall location Kat invited me inside and gave me a great big hug and kiss. Tongue action was immediately play and I knew we were going to have fun for the next couple of hours. After the clothes quickly came off (and of course the white envelope was put where she could see it -- she didn't try to up-sell or any other b.s. like that), we were on the bed for round one. I was interested to make Kat squirt, but this isn't something that just happens for most women who are capable of it. (Now Bre was another story as she squirted with very minimal prompting including heaving kissing with rubbing of the clit.) I think we had a pretty good chemistry and it started with totally nude DFK with me on top rubbing my already hard penis on the outside of Kat's wonderfully shaved pussy. I slowly moved down and kissed her on the neck and adjusted my body further down to go for the fingering session while I sucked on her very sensitive nipples. She had informed me they were sensitive so I very gently licked and sucked them while I had two fingers inserted in her surprisingly tight pussy (let's be honest, I'm always surprised when a provider has a tight pussy). She moaned and breathed heavily as I awaited the squirt I was looking for. Alas, this type of stimulation was not prompting the squirt. I moved further down and sucked Kat's clit while I continued to rub two fingers inside her pussy, gently stroking the G-spot. After 10 minutes, I decided I should inquire as to the best way to make Kat squirt (I should have done this first and not been so arrogant to think I would make it happen just like that -- I've been with 5 or 6 women who squirted and each seemed to have their own unique technique that excited them to the point of ejaculation. For some its fingering, for some its fingering and clit licking, for some its intercourse, and for some it requires a toy or possibly a toy and some form of insertion). For Kat it was a new one to me....rubbing my now condom covered cock below her clit, but not inside the pussy. It took less than 2 minutes of this action and the juices were flying. I'd seen this technique in porn, but none of the other women I'd been with used this as a trigger. Its always cool to learn something new. Thanks Kat! For me this is the time for the payoff. The wettest, juiciest, most slippery a pussy can be is right after the squirt. In I went in missionary position and then a flip to doggy with my load getting shot in less than 10 minutes. 

So now we are 30 minutes into our two hour session. We chatted for the next 30 minutes while I recovered. Its amazing the increased recovery time length at 40 vs 20. You young whipper snappers should enjoy it while you can. I used to cum 3 times in an hour. Now it takes almost an hour to recover. No worries, Kat is great at conversation. Very smart. We talked poker, politics, European history, sports, etc. It was great to get to know Kat and her cute Boston accent that isn't really that noticeable. 

It was time for round two and this time Kat got to show off her oral skills. Just an awesome bare back blowjob. I felt like I could have cum at least three times but I held off so I could get Kat to ride me. I was so beautiful to stare at her bouncy, perky tits while she fucked me. As I sucked them and then we DFK, I was again about to explode. Knowing this would be my last round, I called for a switch of positions. Again I went for the missionary, but not before using the cock rubbing technique on her pussy to make her squirt 2 or 3 more times. Then slip sliding into that wonderful tunnel of slickness. I went at it this time boys. This was the most exercise I'd had in what seems like years. It was sweaty and all of our nakedness was just rubbing in all the right places. Nipple to nipple engaged in the deepest French kissing you can imagine. (Kat probably causes all her clients to feel this way, but man that was nice to experience.) I exploded one last time and went to the restroom to dispose of the now full condom. Kat got a hot washcloth and cleaned me off. We chatted a bit more and went over the two hour time. She is not a clock watcher at all.

Wonderful experience. Good looking. Great sex and blow job. And she is a squirter. 

Thanks Kat!

Had a wonderful couples experience with Kat! Great attitude, and very giving!!
FANTASTIC time with Kat! She met us on time and ready to get our party started. She was quick to get her hot willing mouth all over my wife and her pussy to get things started. I hadn't planned on being a spectator, but watching Kat work my wife's pussy until she had her first of many orgasms was amazing. Kat them moved her attention to me and again her ability to give a great blow job was on display. She worked my cock, no condom, slowly and eagerly until I couldn't take any more. After I popped, she was back on my wife with a toy that got her off to the races quickly. After a few minutes, I was ready to join the fun and alternated fucking both of them until we all came again, Nothing was needed to be asked for before she was all over it and with a skill that shows you she loves her work. Kat was eager to bang both of us and moved easily between us making sure both were getting all we were hoping for and all we could handle. She used every position in the book while draining every drop, and then went back for more!! She left us both happy, exhausted, and looking forward to our next get together. Guaranteed a great time. We will be sure to keep her contact information handy!!You should as well.

Ok, so I know my last review wasn't that long ago. But, yes I did have to see Katrina again. I knew I'd see her again eventually after the last time, but I saw that she was going to be out of town for a little while so I jumped at the chance to see her before she left. This time with a very lovely friend of hers. Even though I'm still pretty new, I just had to dive in head first and go for a duo with Katrina. It was everything you would expect. I explained it would be my first time with 2 beautiful women and Katrina was awesome. She helped guide me through the session to make sure we all had our fair share of fun. Her friend is absolutely gorgeous. Tall, beautiful, sweet (yes I tasted  ) and just plain cool. Business dictates a little break from my new found hobby, but I'm sure as soon as I get some time I will see them both again. Maybe separately, maybe together, who knows. Either way its guaranteed to be a great time.



Added on November 17, 2015

Whether you're passing through Vegas or a local, you owe it to yourself to meet up with Kat. She's very down-to-earth and a blast to hang out with/talk to; and she'll most definitely put a smile on your face that will last a good long while. Everything that the other reviews say and more, you guys (and gals) need to get the Kat experience :).

Added on November 1, 2015

Kat is one amazing lady! She is real, down to earth and will make you feel like you're hanging with a long lost friend. She immediate puts you at ease and makes you feel super comfortable.... Oh and talk about feeling great, she has this magical skill that is the best sensation I have ever felt. She has some hot pictures, but in person she puts those pictures to shame. The only thing I regret is not spending more time with her. I cannot wait to see her again!

Added on March 26, 2015

Saw Kat on St Pats day what a great person. She is easy to schedule on time and great person to talk to. Guys if you stress relief see Kat she will provide the best Vegas bbbj ever!!

Added on April 13, 2014

I saw what Kat had to offer on her menu & noticed she did 1 thing that was my fantasy..squirting. I text her to set up an appointment which was so easy & was excited as hell. When we met she is very easy to talk with & broke any tension right away. It didn't take long at all to finally get my fantasy to come true..WOW I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Cant wait to see her again..Wonder what fantasy she can fulfill next meeting

Added on March 26, 2014

I met Kat for the 1st time tonight. I've been involved with this "hobby" for a while and recently have not been very active because a lot of my encounters were disappointing. I was feeling the urge and decided to give it another try. I saw Kat's add in TER and saw she was in my area. I did all the research, web site, reviews etc. and sent her an email from her contact page on her web site. She responded first thing the next morning. We emailed back and forth a few times getting our schedules in sync but overall it was an easy set up. She gave me the address of a nice hotel in the area and gave me the room number when I got there. Due to my past disappointments I over thought the upcoming meeting during my drive there. Were those her real pictures? The pictures were good but not great. Her fee is not very expensive, maybe she's not going to be good. She said she's always 29, maybe she's really old and the pictures are old. Anyway, by the time I got there I was convinced that this was going to be terrible. Wow was I wrong! She left her door open and told me to come in. I met this beautiful woman who seemed genuinely happy to see me. She met me with a big smile a hug and a kiss. I was speechless(which isn't like me). We sat on the edge of the bed talking, laughing, kissing, it was like we were catching up on old times! I tore myself away to take a quick shower after driving a lot and we keep talking and laughing while I showered. When I came out of the bathroom she was lying in bed with a sheer short pink baby doll and panties. I climbed in bed and we touched, talked and kissed like we were old lovers. It felt so natural and comfortable. Kat's personality is inviting and comforting. She has wonderfully tanned soft skin. It felt so good as I ran my hands and mouth all over her body. Things progressed to her giving me a BBBJ. I don't know if she took a special anatomy course on the penis but she new exactly what to do. I have never felt anything like that. From there to 69 which was so good I could have kept doing it for hours. I mentioned that her web site said she squirts. She then gave me a lesson on what to do for that to happen. Looking at her face while she orgazimed was a major turn on as she looked into my eyes with a look of joy and surrender. She has the prettiest face. This meeting with Kat was both fun and erotic. The pictures on her web site do not do her justice. Thank you Kat for an amazing time. I haven't felt this way about a woman in a long time. See you soon.

Added on September 4, 2013

I was in town for a few days on vacation, so while I was in town I decided to have some fun while I was in town. I contacted her via the website as my phone was about dead and we decided to meet the following night. The next morning she texted me to confirm to see if we still on for later that night and I confirmed. Boy was I glad that I contacted her. She is truly an amazing woman with great skills. Kat is one the most sincere and loving women you will ever meet. If you have any special requests or fetishes, then by all means ask her. She is very open-minded and willing to do most everything. She does have her limits and will let you know if its OK or not.

Added on May 15, 2013

As Kat and I entered the room and closed the door, she turned around and gave me a deep kiss with those very soft lips. She loves to kiss and we just stood there for a while in deep kiss and warm embrace. Eventually we broke and sat on the couch for some get to know you chat. Kat is very smart and a great conversationalist. There was not a quiet moment as we chatted and laughed. She kept her hand on my lap, stroking it back and forth across my leg. After about 10 minutes, she smiled, leaned over and kissed me again with those very soft lips. She pulled back, opened her eyes and said "Lets get started!" We both stood up and start disrobing. I went to lay my shirt on the couch, turned around and Kat is butt naked in the bed with the covers on, inviting me in. Well, the pants fell to the floor in a crumpled mess, along with everything else I had on, and I jumped into bed. I asked Kat why the covers were up so high and she said she was cold. So, I climbed on top of her and she commented how warm I was. I told her she had no idea how hot I already was! We lay there and started a good foreplay session with deep kisses all over. I could tell she was getting ready when she started throwing the covers off. Taking my time, I slowly made my way down to those gorgeous natural breasts and stayed there worshiping them for quite a while. Kat is quite sensitive all over, and her breasts are no exception. Soon those nipples were swollen and erect. I made my way down between her legs and again took my time with each leg, building the excitement. Each time I brushed past her pussy, I could feel the heat growing inside and she started moving her hips. I asked her if she was ready, and she moaned "Uh huh". Dove in for a delightful DATY. Brought her to her first O quite quickly with only clitoral stimulation. Let her recover and dove back in for another couple of O's. After her third O, she rolled over, said its now my turn and motioned for me to prop my head up on the pillows so I could watch. She got between my legs with a big smile and started off slow and sensual, taking her time. Her BJ skills are out of this world, some of the best I've ever had. She has this unique way of flicking her tongue across your cock while it is inside her mouth, sort of like a butterfly kiss, but very hot. (If you have not experienced it, add it to your hobby bucket list and go see Kat as soon as you can!) She continued her long sensuous BBBJ with lots of DT, spit, eye contact, licks, smiles, and more butterfly kisses while deep inside her mouth. She seemed to enjoy it as well and drug it out for a very long time. I started to stop her, but I knew we had time for another round, so I asked her if I could finish in her mouth. Her response was to dive down on my cock, shoving it to the back of her throat and started humming. With her hands and mouth she got serious about making me cum in her mouth and I exploded. She took it all, continuing to stroke my cock as I lay there paralyzed in absolute ecstasy. When I finally started to go limp, she retired to the bathroom, brought back a warm washcloth and cleaned me up. She lay beside me in my arms as I slowly recovered and could move again. She stroked the hair on my chest as we chatted. Her nipples were still hard and erect as I lightly caressed her breasts. After I had recovered, we started kissing again with those so soft lips against mine. We started again and had a great, long sensuous session trying as many positions as we could. Time was about up and I had to get back to my room, so we cleaned up, got dressed, and Kat walked with me as she was checking out and leaving as well. We talked about getting together next time I am in Vegas. I am looking for a good excuse to go back as hard as I can just to see her again.
NY Accountant

Added on October 13, 2012

I was in Las Vegas for a conference, and was so nervous when I first contacted Kat because it was my first time with an encounter of this type. She took very good care of me, and treated me like an old friend when we first met with a warm hug. All my nervousness quickly disappeared as Kat and I got to know each other a little bit, and the time I spent with her flew fact I called her for a return engagement the next night also! When I am in Vegas again, Kat will definitely be in my plans.

Added on October 10, 2012

Saw Kat last Nov when I was in town on business. She was easy to set up an appointment with as I started texting her on Sunday evening for a Monday night session. Once I was able to break free from my group, I sent her another text and gave her a call. She was at my on the strip hotel within 20 minutes and when she left an hour later I was well spent. I can tell you, her mouth can do incredible things... I wish I was going back to Vegas today. Just need to find someone like her near home and in all the cities that I travel to. Heading to Orlando next month. Any ideas on who I should see?
First Timer/Old Timer

Added on September 1, 2012

I was in town for a few days showing some relatives from the Northeast Las Vegas. They were driving me crazy, had to break away for a little while. I contacted Kat in the morning to meet @ 10:00 pm that evening. The relatives wanted to do a late dinner so the 10:00 pm went to a 4:00 pm "relax time" for me. Kat was very accommodating to the new time. I was a first timer/old timer and very nervious. When she entered the room all I could say was WOW. I remember one gentleman in his review of Kat stated that she was a little chubby. All I could say is that he must have been blind in one eye and couldn't see out of the other. Kat is one gorgious Lady. Her pictures are not even close to her live and in person. Her skin sooooo soft and her eyes, her eyes could melt snow. The nervousness went away as soon as she walked into the room and gave me a big hug and a kiss. The rest was just pure Heaven, She has talents that have been described in other reviews and they are 100% correct. Kat took care of me so well I can't wait to return to Vegas in April and spend some more time with her. Be Safe !
atl consult

Added on August 14, 2012

8/10/2012 called she showed up on time,looked great and gave me DFK to start. spend 2 hours together and the time flew by. she did take care of All of me look forward to seeing her agian

Added on May 8, 2012

THE BEST IN NVEGAS YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY. if you are looking for a good time with a great friendly girl then you better call kat,she does everything that her web site says and more,and is a great person to hang out with while you are in vegas.i will call her again the next time that i"am in vegas.

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