Getting Ready For Fall...Planning Couple of TOURS!!!

I am starting today so in beginning of Nov to make out for Queeny's Party I'll be heading back to New England for a couple days.. Then before my birthday I think I will make a quick Trip to Portland Oregon..Never been there! And Finally a week in Seattle before Christmas then if all goes good a Nice Christmas Vacation then Back to Vegas for New Year! Anyone want to see me somewhere else? I will take suggestions please send emails :)

Kisses Kat


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Looks Like a quick Trip to Manchester NH

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Looks like with the help of a client I maybe heading East Coast staying in Manchester NH for 3 days, I will have time for other clients!!!

Also is this happens I will not have transportation!

So you New England who are wanting to see me it maybe a drive for couple hrs north depending on where you, but if you already have seen me you know I m worth the drive.. Shoot you guys drive to Foxwoods to Play why not Manchester NH to play?

Email me for bookings!!


Kat Kovell

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First Cruise in the Books...

Ok definitely not what I was expecting or thinking this vacation would go but definitely memorable!

Day one arrival on ship able to enjoy and get to know crew and all activities. At night the casino was so hot no AC so they had fans going I was burning up went to bed. Woke up feeling sick so went to DR on board I found out I had a virus infection and was giving antibiotics from IV. 

Great start..went to Cozumel Mexico on 3Rd day of cruise after second dose of antibiotics it was fun riding in a buggie all around island..alot of wild chickens and roosters. My first time out of USA other than Canada. 

We stayed overnight in Cozumel, got to go to FAT TUESDAYs! Next day I was feeling much better thank god cause we went fishing and ocean was choppy! 6hrs on the water no bites and rocky waters! Thought many times we were going down! When to calmer waters as we headed back to Cruise Ship we got 2 bites and caught two Dolphin Fish  (Maui Maui). Salvage a bad day. 

I liked Cozumel. Funny thing they were Mexican but spoke English everyone on the island they listened to mostly our old music 80's and Classic rock..but our Mexicans in USA its opposite?

Next few days at sea. I won Blackjack Tournament on cruise and enjoying ship activities and shows! I was so burnt from fishing trip I broke out in blisters. Yuck! So more medicine and healing. So far one sick trip! 

(My ship is the Small one!)

Went to Cayman Islands but that was not best day we went it was Queen's Birthday so it was a National Holiday most things were closed. I seemed to have the worst Luck this cruise...But i did

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Just a Thank you for Everything

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I'm so appreciative of all LOVE I receive from MY clients! If I could I would shout it from ROOF Tops but that goes against being discrete! ;)

Love always 

Ms Kat

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