Leaving for San Diego Today

Well my first trip to San Diego leaving today. I will be in RINCON. Ill be back late the 12 or early 13th. Got so much to do before I leave. Even though only going two days or so still just to go anyway gotta make arrangements being an adult sucks! Well off lots to do!

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My Hobbies

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I always get asked what do to do for Fun?

I grew up fishing, camping, hunting, traveling etc.

I still love those things and they make the best dates! I recently went horsebackriding as  a date and it was amazing. I also love to fish and deep sea fishing is big time joy of mine and I am doing this on a date soon!! Can't wait!! I love to visit new places and try new things.

I love seeing shows, concerts and museums! 

But outdoors is my favorite thats why I take my puppies hiking with me up to MTN Charlestown! Too bad its too cold to go up there now...

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Welcome To My Blog

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           The Fun and Not So Much Fun I Have Living My LIFE!

I really now have a spot I can list all my poker and play around town and if you want to read it you can. If you don't want to read it don't. To my my regular friends if hearing my escapades with others please don't read then.

Simple enough right! 

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