Trip to Massachusetts is postponed till end of June or July

I really trying to get funds to fly to Massachusetts. .

Originally the plan was my cruise money was going to pay for plane tickets and when it was bumped to June. .it's made everything more difficult just hopefully not impossible. ..

Update so I just decided with my schedule being changed among not having the funds that I will go to Massachusetts in June or July ...I probably plan a road trip so I visit more regulars on the way! 



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Defining term: #COURTESAN

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Def. of courtesan: a woman who has sex with rich or important men in exchange for money a prostitute who has sex with wealthy & powerful men

#Courtesan my def. = Companion Hunt/Fish/Hiking/Camping/Dinner Date/Educated Conversationalist/ Travel Escort/Movies/ Nice & Lovely 

This what I posted on Twitter. ..and I wanted to add to it ..I read about how originally a courtesan was part of the royal court in the dark ages and their part right up to the turn of recent century was to please the King and Queen of the royal court as well as rest of the higher status court officials ..they were men and women who catered to these men and women in many ways

yes sex was one but others were more much more than one action...they were teachers and artists as well as travel companions ...they brought them real friendship and companionship..they traveled with them..hunted and fought with them ..they had a relationship it was very good for both parties. .when a courtesan was done with their duties ..the men where given land and money the women married off to dukes and earls ..

So in turn I don't believe I am only sex toy but it's one of my many occupations
I do every time I enjoy your company.
.I m real ..

I m college educated BS in Science 
I did Major in Psychology 
I'm divorced 2 times over 
I'm mother
I'm Sci Fi nerd 
I love Walking Dead, Reality TV 
I can talk about Politics and or Fishing trips 
I was a tom boy and played sports 
I'm sports fan (baseball and football) New England teams all the way!
I like classic cars and riding on Harley's! 
I have traveled most of USA 
I have held different jobs all walks of life now professional
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When you Screw us Girls Expect to be put Verify Him!

I don't think you guys understand proper respect when dealing with an escort. 

First off if you book an appointment and miss with no call no show will end up on verifyhim ...

Second if you make any type of threats.. you will end up on verifyhim ...

Third if you harm or scam an escort.. you will end up on verifyhim. ..

Lastly any time to do anything disrespectful to anybody in this profession you will endup on verifyhim. 

So in last treat your provider with the respect you would your mom, wife, sister, and your daughter ..why cause we could be someone else's ...

Kat Kovell

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TOUR 2016 Starts SOON!...

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Hi Guys & Girls

Ok so Reno March 18th-22nd

Then Las Vegas and San Diego March 23rd-30th 

Council Bluffs Ia and Omaha NE April 3rd-8th 

May will be NEW ENGLAND

June or July San Diego again

July and AUGUST Planning San Francisco PORTLAND Seattle UTAH and others I think of!


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